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Welcome to the Bookie Readable Parser. This site provides an api for parsing the content of a web page and providing a clear and readable version of it.

In the future we plan on adding additional logic to the application to help aid in selecting tags and other bits of metadata about the content.

Try it out


Drag this bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark bar and click on it when viewing a site you want to read in a clean way.

Read with Bookie


article parsed into a nice readable format.


Example calls are shows using the HTTPie Python tool. It really makes testing out api calls and such a lot easer.

Fetching URL Content

$ http -j --follow  POST "" url=""

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
    Etag: "d9eb34be9c858960e266571168419466ce423dba"
    Server: TornadoServer/2.2 (Gunicorn/0.14.2)
    Content-Length: 4812
    Connection: keep-alive

        "content": "<html><body/><div id=\"content\">...</div>\n</html>",
        "readable": {
            "title": "Tornado Web Server",
            "content": "...",
            "hash_id": "...",
            "readable": "...",
            "request": {
            "url": ""

Viewing URL Content

$ http -f GET ""